PTCL Limits Its Internet Unlimited Package???

[ PTCL Limits Its Internet Unlimited Package???]
PTCL internet solution is one of the best solution around many cities in Pakistan since many years they have so many internet products like EVO and DSL and further more they offer many packages on each internet device, But yesterday night i experienced a trouble with my PTCL EVO USB, actually i,m user of PTCL EVO since last year and i didn't faces such trouble with this but last night my speed goes down to 16 kb/sec and that was horrible for me, i just called on 1218 and told them my problem and they asked my MDN number and after few seconds he told me something that i still not able to believe that how can PTCL do that, he said :
Sir your package was unlimited student package but from July 2013 company has made some changes in all EVO packages, from July 2013 all EVO 3.1 MB and Nitro users will have download/upload limit to 50 GB per month "

I was really shocked and then i asked him that " any further details? " he told me some details and details were :
" Postpaid EVO users will have limit of download 50 GB per month and when they will reach 50 GB or cross this limit, their overall speed will fall from 3.1 MB to 128 KB and download speed at that time will be just 16 kb/sec maximum, and same applies on NITRO EVO and when next month start their speed will be increase and download/upload limit will be again 50 GB "
Ii asked for alternatives and he said :
 " You have another option to buy Nitro Cloud but Nitro Cloud will also have limit but that limit will be 75 GB download/upload per month "
For further details i asked him what about Prepaid EVO? he said :
" Prepaid EVO will also have limit up to 50 GB download/upload per month but when they will cross the limit, their EVO will be stop working and they will not able to download or browse further until next month starts "
So this was short conversation between him and me, next day,i mean today in morning i went to their office and their i talked to a person and he also told me same details, and finally he told me some more PTCL policies which will surely make you unhappy if you are PTCL DSL Land-line users,
According to him :
" Sir its not just for EVO its also for DSL, connection of 1 MB and 2 MB will be remain unlimited but 4 MB land-line connection will also have download/upload limit to 90 GB per month and 10 MB connection also unlimited "
But when one of my friend called them and asked them about DSL, they said
" we have limit on 4 MB package and limit is 300 GB"
God know who is right, that call service or this office one, anyway continue reading.
So i also asked him for alternatives and he told me same like yesterday a person told me for Nitro Cloud.
and he eventually further told me that :
" EVO 3.1 MB student package will be also limit but limit will be 20 GB download/upload per month "
So this was another conversation with a person in PTCL office.

What i think and what i observed

PTCL is actually making us fool or may be not, how? let me prove it,
To prove it i just tried to contact them online from their website as a new user and told them that i want new EVO, see below images of my chat,

so what you think now? they even don't provide equal information when a user try to contact them for now EVO.

Further more i checked their website for more spots and i found this one,

So still i should think that PTCL is not getting worse then before? as they are trying to make others fool to buy their products?
When i was in PTCL Office, a boy came and asked for new EVO Nitro and the person on counter gave him a new PTCL Nitro but he did not mentioned about limit thing in unlimited package, i was thinking that time that i should have any gadget of James Bond 007 so that i could record that scene when he was dealing with new costumer of EVO.
OK i do agree that when a existing user contact them they provide true information but they usually give half information.
Now i am going to show that how you can feel after you cross limit of 50 GB, see below images.

So that was what i think, may be i,m wrong but what is the real point i want explain is that what are they up to?what they really want? when we ask the reason for this they reply "sir company policies" but why? they don't know, and if they know, they don't want tell costumers. May be they want users to buy their new products like EVO Nitro etc? or may they want to make users of PTCL DSL Land-line? God knows what they want, so once more image i,m sharing here that is "Product Related FAQs" of PTCL EVO,

check the link for confirmation ( )

In this whole FAQ page i didn't saw any word that shows about Terms ( FUP ), why? In Product Related FAQs this worth mentioning that what are their FUP (terms) for each and every device.

No Warning No Notice

An other thing that they even didn't gave any notice on website when they were limiting the unlimited package, at-least they should call or text their existing costumers regarding their change in packages but they didn't. Even they didn't mentioned it on their website, i just heard about their prices increase by 100 rupees but no warning no notice from them regarding package change.

Late Implement

As they informed me that from July 2013 company has made some changes in all EVO packages, from July 2013 all EVO 3.1 MB and Nitro users will have download/upload limit to 50 GB per month, but then why i didn't face such limit in July and August and why implement of such limit was in late October on my device?
I still got no answer from them, may be i was lucky or may be that was their late implement on their own decision.

Final Words

I am not writing this post to criticize PTCL but what i want to explain is PTCL must take some steps to explain users that for what they coping speed and at least they should inform costumers about their changing in packages etc and one more other thing they should do is, they must have to inform their new buyers with full details and their priority must not be only selling their products. I hope that PTCL will take steps to recover their status.

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